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Romantic Bed line Décor for a Delightful Valentine’s Day Celebration

Romantic Bed line Décor for a Delightful Valentine’s Day Celebration 0

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast, but you got little time to spice up your bedroom décor with the spirit of Love. No worries, we are here to help you out with some awesome ideas to make your evening a memorable one. An appealing bed line effortlessly elevates the look of your bedroom. Trust us; it’s not a rocket science to achieve a romantic bedroom which we usually see in romantic movies. If you are looking for some interesting patterns in cotton double bed sheets, online shopping can help you out.

Let the bed sheet reveal your desire:

This ice-blue rose bed sheet is a little-out-of-the-box. It flaunts a wonderful beach affair. If you are unable to tell your partner that you are longing for a trip, this bed sheet will make it easy to disclose your desire. This little dreamy scene will make your room interesting enough for Valentine’s evening. If your room is painted pastel, experiment with the décor to see the change.


Simply attractive affair

For those who believe in “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, this floral pattern printed double bed sheet is apt for them. The intricate floral prints will surely please your taste and enhance your décor preferences. Its charming look creates a pleasant milieu which is worth noticing. This Valentine’s Day, decorate your bedroom with such bed sheets for an attractive affair.


Add the symbolic Rose to your bedroom

Valentine’s Day is incomplete without roses, but you don’t need to worry, here is an amazing king size rose and butterfly bed sheet. This vibrant print exudes the energy and freshness of your mood. It will definitely create the vibrancy you want to introduce to your Valentine’s evening. Get your atmosphere right with some scented candle and chocolates for a beautiful celebration

Block beauty and romance

There is no age to show your love for your partner. This circle pattern peach and orange sober block printed bed sheet is perfect for a little older couple. It is a good choice for any double bed. The lovely color combination creates a subtle aura. Even if your rooms are painted in nude shades, you can look forward to such block beauty for reviving your old love.


Unconventional look for your bed line

It is great that some of us are fond of unconventional things. Here we go with a brilliant unconventional bed sheet showcasing lavender and purple new leaf prints. Even, the pillowcases are unconventional with one in a solid block and another in leafy variations. It also makes a great gift. We are sure you will fall for its freshness and soft cotton fabric.

So, now you know the tricks how to create a wonderful Valentine’s Day bed décor. If you want to buy satin bed sheets online, India-based e-stores mostly offer lucrative seasonal discounts for you and you can buy some good pieces in bulk to use them later on. This season, gift your Valentine’s any of this beautiful bed sheets to make his/her day a memorable one.


Feng Shui tips to make your bedroom cozier

Feng Shui tips to make your bedroom cozier 0

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Bedroom is the place where you can enjoy your evening naps and a good night’s sleep. Bedroom is a very personal place that the home-maker can use her creativity to decorate and accessorize. From rugs and comforters to the curtains and curtain tassels, class and elegance of a home-maker can be showcased in how s/he designs his/her home, especially the bedroom.


Bed is not merely a piece of furniture, but a memoir of some nostalgic moments and a witness of many events in the house. A nice bed sheet can give the bed a facelift and make the furniture in sync with the trend. Be it an antique bed or a contemporary one, a bed linen nicely spread on your bed can accentuate the look of your bedroom instantly. You can buy satin bed sheets online from India-based online stores or can get some imported bed linens that suits your pockets and preferences.


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical process of harmonizing and balancing the environment. Feng Shui, if translated in English, means ‘wind’ and ‘water’.  So, Feng Shui involves wind and water to remove negativity from the house.


Position your bed according to the Feng Shui rules-


A bed should be positioned in such a way that it can remove the negativity from your bedroom, and there are many advantages if you follow Feng Shui for your bedroom. You can always place your bed facing South East, South West, East, West and North West. So basically, you have many options to go for if you plan to place your bed even in a room where there’s a space crunch. West always helps in providing sleep easily, however, it may make the dweller lazy. Sleeping with your head towards the east can be beneficial for people who are starting their career and need some motivation. The south west direction will bring you out from the restless situation and provide calmness and serenity. South west position of sleeping is best for the introvert people who are not able to communicate well with others. Sleeping in the north, south or north east are considered as bad positions, and hence should be avoided as per the Feng Shui rules.


Choose some soothing color schemes for your bedroom-


As per the Feng Shui rules, you must avoid bright and vibrant colors in your bedroom. Instead, choose some earthy or neutral shades that can provide relaxation to your eyes, mind and soul. Bedroom is a place to relax and rejuvenate, so the colors like light pink, sky blue or warm white should be the color scheme of the bedroom interiors should be done accordingly.Use plain satin bed sheets in neutral colors or earth shades so that the décor remains subtle yet classy.


Do not use any electronic device in your bedroom-


As per the Feng Shui rules, any electronic device should not be kept in the bedroom as it can attract negative energy and stress. Your relationship might suffer and you may not feel focused in any work you do. Most importantly, one must keep the work desk outside from the bedroom.


Keep your bedroom’s windows open and let in the fresh air-


You sleep with your windows closed, especially during the winters. This makes your bedroom filled with carbon dioxide. In order to get some fresh air with oxygen, open the windows of your bedroom. The first rays of sun along with the morning breeze will refresh you, energize you and make you ready to take up the day’s chores easily.


These are the few basic Feng Shui tips you can easily incorporate in your life for a great sleep and to remove negativity from the house. These tips are quite helpful as you might always want tospend some quite time enjoying your bedroom more than other corners of your house on weekends and holidays. Feng Shui is more about managing the lifestyle, and adopting the system can change our lives for good.





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Buy stylish bed sheets as Christmas gifts under 1000

Buy stylish bed sheets as Christmas gifts under 1000 0

Being sleep fanatic is not at all a crime. Rather, it is a blessing for those who are able to enjoy their nice and cozy bedrooms more than anyone else. The best part is that no one would think twice before gifting him, as all he’ll need is anything related to his bed. Why not gift him a bed sheet this Christmas season with some interesting patterns that would make him delighted from the core of the heart?

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Five elegant bed linen colors to go for this season

Five elegant bed linen colors to go for this season 0

For many people, bed is the best place to sink in whenever they get an opportunity. The best thing about weekends is that you can enjoy your bed, lazing cozily inside your comforter. The ideal time to enjoy your bed is winters, when you can take a sip of your favorite beverage aka tea inside the blankets. You wait for the day-time to end early on weekdays so that you can climb in your comfortable space and sleep for hours without any interruption. If we look at the bigger picture, a bed serves more than just for sleeping. A bed is just not a piece of furniture; rather it is more like a family album that stores some good and bad memories. It becomes the witness of memories that we cherish in our childhood, a silent spectator of memories to remember and relive, a place for some moments to rejoice and a companion for the lifetime. So accessorizing it with the right kind of bed linen that suits your taste and tells a lot about the attachment you have with your favorite furniture. 

Here are the five colors that can make your bed look the way you want it to be-

The red color for the adventurous homemaker-

A homemaker decides how the bedroom must look, so a bed linen should entirely be the creative space that would explain the personality of him/her. If you love to deck up your bedroom with some quirky colors, go for some red bed linens. Red is a color of rebel, an expression that makes you feel strong inside. Red is the color of adventure and passion, and let the color rule your bedroom this season.

The blue color for the lovers of elegance-

If you love to add elegancy and class in your bedroom décor, get some blue color. Blue is the color of sky and freedom, and blue bed linen in your bed can give you the wings you needed to fly without any restriction. Why not get some cool patterns in sky blue or some funky geometrical patterns with dark and light blue? Add a touch of blue in your bedroom décor and get some matching curtains, comforters and cushions to deck up the bedroom and enjoy the ‘blues’ like never before.

The neon colors for the kid in you-

Neon colors are funky and interesting, and if the rest of your bedroom has dark color arrangements, neon colors will jazz up your bedroom in no time. Ideal for your kid’s room, the bed linens can be great for your room too. You can always go for a smart mix and match of bed linen in neon and dull shades on your bed. Stick some neon star shaped stickers in your bedroom’s walls and ceilings to add some quirkiness and sparkle.  

The white color for the peace loving dwellers-

White is the color of peace, and hence, you can always go for some white colored bed linen with prints on it to make your bedroom look more serene and a quite place to relax and rejuvenate. You can also choose from the neutral and earth shades with minimum designs so that to make your bedroom look uncluttered and clean.

The green color for the nature lovers-

Green colors are for the lovers of nature. Bring some greenery in your bedroom with green bed linens. The green bed linens are soothing to the eyes, and hence, will give you a feeling of sleeping on a lawn. If there are flower motifs on it, the bed linen would give you a feeling of a flower garden.

So here are the five color patterns you can consider for your bed, as no other bed accessory can glam up your bedroom as much as a nice bed linen. Moreover, when you are getting some comfortable and stylish ways to jazz up your bedroom this festive season, then why not get one (or more) for your bedroom?      


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Four quirky bed linen patterns you must consider this winter

Four quirky bed linen patterns you must consider this winter 0

Looking for some interesting bed linens for this winter?

Well, there are a number of bed linen patterns to choose from when you go out for bed linen shopping, but it is quite a confusing task to choose one or two among hundreds of bed sheets displayed in the shop. A bed linen with an interesting pattern can make your bed room look spacious and stunning, so trust your intuition and shop for the most interesting pattern for the bed room.

Here we will guide you with the four most quirky bed sheet patterns and designs that are can make the interiors of your bed room more interesting-

Gift exotic bed linens for a magical bedroom makeover

Gift exotic bed linens for a magical bedroom makeover 0

Winters are the best days to enjoy lazing on your bed with blankets on, and nothing can actually be more enjoyable than a sipping a hot cup of tea under the blankets. A beautiful bed linen can accentuate the look of your bedroom, making it feel warm and cozy even on the chilling wintery nights. If you are looking for some interesting bed decors to make your Christmas party happening this winter, why not choose colorful bed sheets with interesting patterns?