Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets – Why it is a perfect choice

Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets – Why it is a perfect choice

Sleeping is like reincarnation and more you get to sleep, the more you desire. So, choosing a premium quality bed sheet is vital. Before going into the depth of this topic, we should know what the basic differences are between a normal/pure cotton bed sheet and an Egyptian cotton bed sheet. While unfolding differences, you will come to know why bed sheets from an Egyptian cotton is a better option –

Weaving –

As Egyptian bed sheets have a tighter weave, they are pretty good in quality. A tighter weave produces higher quality sheets. Egyptian sheets produced by a very tight weave.

Thread Count –

More thread count means you are going to get more softness. Egyptian cotton bed sheets are so soft that you will feel it like another layer of your skin. These sheets are capable of taking the comfort of sleeping entirely to a new level. Egyptian sheets take you on cloud9, giving a feel of sleeping on a cloud. More thread counts give more softness, which results in an ecstatic experience.

Longevity –

Egyptian cotton is the World’s finest cotton and that is why the length of the fibre allows making best yarns without making it weak. This further results in a more firm fibre that is more resistant to stress.

Colours –

Egyptian bed sheets are capable of absorbing liquids, which gives them vibrant, deep colours that are more resistant. Whenever you are shopping your double bed sheets online, rest assured, Egyptian bed sheets will give you the best and long-lasting colours.

Quality –

Egyptian cotton is handpicked. It ensures the best quality and highest level of purity. Moreover, it does not put any stress on the fibre while mechanical picking hampers the quality of the same.

Enables Aeration –

This type of bed sheet allows air to flow through the stitches, maintaining the right body temperature. It not only gives an extra level of comfort but also results in a better sleeping experience.

On the contrary of all these pros, the only disadvantage of a bed sheet made of Egyptian cotton is its price tag. Yes! It can plunge out of your budget. Compared to any pure cotton bed sheet, the price of Egyptian cotton sheets are sure to raise your eyebrows. However, the comfort you will get is no doubt worth of that price. Due to its increased thread counts, children like sleeping on bed sheets made from this kind of cotton and do not wake up irritated. These bed sheets are also very popular as wedding gifts due to its finest quality. In addition, when you go double bed sheets online shopping, choosing Egyptian cotton bed sheets over others. Also, remember to buy from authentic sources like MINU bedsheets. A vast range of options is available online for your changing moods.

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