Gift exotic bed linens for a magical bedroom makeover

Gift exotic bed linens for a magical bedroom makeover

Winters are the best days to enjoy lazing on your bed with blankets on, and nothing can actually be more enjoyable than a sipping a hot cup of tea under the blankets. A beautiful bed linen can accentuate the look of your bedroom, making it feel warm and cozy even on the chilling wintery nights. If you are looking for some interesting bed decors to make your Christmas party happening this winter, why not choose colorful bed sheets with interesting patterns? Well, let us explore some interesting patterns that can make your Christmas party décor an electrifying one-


 A beautiful brown and red leaf pattern on a white bed sheet can deck up your bedroom instantly and make your room interesting enough for the evening party. The color combination can make you feel like savoring your favorite dessert - butterscotch cake topped with chocolate syrup and ripe cherries. Even if your rooms are painted in neutral shades, you can always use some colorful bed sheets, cushions with unusual designs and curtains with interesting prints to make the atmosphere more delightful.

Unusual yet bright prints make the bedrooms look more spacious. Bright prints can make you feel rejuvenated and helps remove all negative vibes from the room. You might love to adorn your rooms often, and if it is Christmas, why not make your room look like a mini daffodil garden? Violet appears very appealing and soothing to the eyes, so choose a violet bed linen with floral prints for your bedroom. Keep some fresh flowers in the vase near your bed and let the sunshine peep in through your window. Nothing can cheer you up more than your room’s décor on the Christmas morning and wake up in such a beautiful atmosphere can keep your spirits up for the festivity.      


Parties are over, and it’s time to go back to the boring workplace. Why not shoo away your workplace blues by waking up on a cozy bed sporting a blue leafy patterned bed linen? Enough of reds and yellows try green and blues as they make a great combination. An elegant yet buoyant bed sheet with geometric self-prints and bright blue leaves can give you the feeling the onset of autumn in your bedroom.

Gift your loved ones this bed linen as a Christmas gift and she’ll enjoy using this bed sheet for many years.

A romantic Christmas Eve can end up with yummy dinner and a great wine, but it is not over till you are in your bedroom. Yes, your bed room needs a little makeover for a romantic night. What can be more interesting for your bed to sport a romantic themed bed sheet with a digital print showcasing a romantic couple with heart shaped balloons enjoying the beach?

A light chocolaty unusual shade of brown bed sheet with an interesting romantic theme can be the ideal Christmas gift for your partner, at least better than chocolates and roses.

Paisley designs were originated from Persia and become quite popular in the west by 18th and 19th century with a different version imported from India. The paisley designs are back, with a more interesting twist of colors. Aesthetically appealing, a multi-colored paisley patterned print on a sea green background should be the ideal color scheme for the bed sheet when you are planning a formal Christmas party.

You can get one paisley printed bed linen for your mother on a Christmas Eve to bring back her happy memories because Paisley prints can take your mother on a joy ride of ‘nostalgia’ world.      

So, here are the five types of bed sheets you must try to pep up your bedroom interiors and gift one of them to your friend who loves stylish bedroom decors.


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