How to Choose Bed Sheets as per your Zodiac Signs ?

How to Choose Bed Sheets as per your Zodiac Signs ?

Some are rowdy, some are calm; some love adventures and some love the sea, then why to choose the same type of bed sheets for all! Different personalities love different colours and when it comes to a peaceful sleep, bed sheet colour is the most vital aspect. You love to maintain a low profile with least time spent on social networking site or may be a social butterfly with hundred selfie uploads a day. All depends on who you are and your room must reflect the same. A vibrant personality with a dull bed sheet is not what one appreciates. Colour directly affects your mood. While you do everything to look after the bed sheet material, then why not consider the colour as well! Whether you are a cotton double bed sheet lover or a silk person, the colour must be according to your sun sign. Get set go! It’s time to revamp your entire bed room with your favourite colour. We have made your task easy by listing down the bed sheet colours the different sun signs must use.

Aries: You are fiery and passionate. So, ‘give me red’ is your favourite line. Red is your colour and it has some jewel tones like scarlet and ruby woo. Pair those sophisticated ones to decor your room. For example, you can choose a monochrome ruby woo cotton double bed sheet and pair it up with contrast pillows. You can also buy geometric bed sheets online and pair it up with plain pillows.

Taurus: You are humble, down to earth and full of earth energy. So, ‘go green’ literally! Choose green cotton double bed sheets over others. To bring more green to your life choose velvet sofa with the emerald hue. Your gorgeous bed can be complemented with the sofa and the elegant cushions.

Gemini: Your fresh, adaptable and sociable nature makes you a complete citron-inspired person. Pick a blend of both yellow and green for your bed. You can go for lemon yellow and leafy green combinations or just contrast your bed sheet and the pillow covers.

Cancer: You are deep, sentimental, and intuitive in nature. Your depth deserves a jewel tint on your bed sheet. Look for amethyst inspired hues like a pretty plum or lavender. You can even experiment with light purple wall paint and combine it with satin mulberry sheet.

Leo: You are radiant and deserve sunny vibrancy in your bed room. No Leo is complete without golden tint in the bed. Combine your golden bed sheet with amber sofa set to make your mood vibrant always.

Virgo: Your earth-based energy and calmness is a soulful combination. Let your bed reflect your personality. Combine it with blue-based green cotton double bed sheets and gorgeous teal accessories.

Libra: You are blessed with nature’s all energy. This makes you match up a jade green colour with gorgeous moss green.  Put all the greens together on your bed sheet or just combine it with the other accessories in your bed room.

Scorpio: You are an extremist, moody, and passionate. Your intense feelings are sure to make you drool over ruby red. You can paint it red with every red inspired hue you know or just make a combination with your cotton double bed sheet.

Sagittarius:  You are a freedom lover, vibrant, optimistic, and the most beautiful. Your entire room must be a mirror to the aesthetic eyes. The plush hues, royal purple, and everything grand belong to you. Make your bed spread the royalty and let you rest like a queen.

Capricorn: You are stable and trustworthy. Inky sapphire or deep blue accents allow you to rest with ease as taking risk is not your forte.

Aquarius: You are in love with water as the sun sign clearly indicates. Go deep sea with rich takes on aqua blue colour. An aqua blue bed sheet with navy blue pillows will perfectly suit your intellectual and altruistic nature.

Pisces: You are extremely sensitive and your deep emotions need gem-toned sea greens. Your bed must reflect how you feel and you are drowning in the sea of emotions most of the time. Buy geometric bed sheets online in sea-green colour and spread it with all happiness.

Whatever your star sign says might not go with your taste all the time. If you are not a typical star-signed person, these tips can be disliked by you. But above everything else, make sure your bed reflects who you are as it is your ultimate comforter.

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