Innovative Ways of arranging bed pillows

Innovative Ways of arranging bed pillows

Pillows are decorations of a bed. They bring uniformity and a feel of familiarity to the bed. Without pillows a bed may look like a churn of elements that has absolutely no synergy and brings no element of comfort. What we need in this situation is a proper carousel that will make the bed look inviting and exciting.

Here are a few tips to dressing up your bed effectively: -

  1. Standing pillows – Get all your pillows to stand up on the bed and thus make it look the most outstanding. This arrangement can be in rows, starting by placing the smallest ones in the back and the biggest ones in the front. A big, stylish and sumptuous mix is what you want to make out of this.
  2. Standing and stacked pillows – Stacked pillows can be placed at the behind and the bigger ones can actually be on the top. Bring the standing ones in front to give a more voluptuous and exciting look. Together these two kinds of pillows make way for the most exciting combination.
  3. Rolled pillows – In this we mix. We put a few long pillows at the back, then we put a few short pillows for support. To support this, we add a long pillow in the front again. Once this annexure is achieved we finish it by adding the remaining pillows at the front again.
  4. Stacked pillows – The pillows are mostly of the same size in this situation and brings an uniformity in the look by just laying by on the bed. The stacks of pillows are meant to make your bed look more inviting and exciting.
  5. Arranged according to color – Bright hues are yet another criterion based on which you can arrange and gratify your pillows. This gives you room a not-so-predictable outlook, while making it look interesting and exciting.
  6. Textures – Pillows don’t really come in textures. But textures vary according to the kind of pillow covers that you put on a certain pillow. A pillow cover is designed and deciphered to make it look interesting. These various textures if arranged in a neat flow, will give you a smooth transition.

On this note, we bring to you a few points to remember when buying home decor.

  • Every component on the bed serves a purpose - Well, yes, every component on the bed definitely serves a purpose. While components like blankets and comforters are meant to make your world exciting, pillows bring in the element of comfort and style at the same time. It’s important that we team them right.
  • Your style is your style – Another important thing to remember is that your style is basically your choice. You do just the thing that needs to be done with your bedroom. Arrange them the way you want to arrange them. After all its your bedroom and nobody can make it look any better except for you!

Pillows are the most innovative and effective ways of making up a bed. Yet one must not forget that they stand to compliment the bedsheets. The sheets that cover up your bed and make them look so interesting and exciting. Yes, we are talking about the linen bedsheets and the satin bedsheets that rule your beds. If you are ever in the look out of any such bedsheets do not forget to check on the house of Minu!

Minu bedsheets hold a range of options for your homes, meant to make your bed look more interesting and exciting! After all, that is what keeps us going in this age.

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