Make your bedroom look luxurious within budget – Decor it like a pro

Make your bedroom look luxurious within budget – Decor it like a pro

The bedroom is your heavenly space. It is where you spend most of your time. It is the witness of your happiness, sorrows, tears, and smiles. It brings you ultimate peace and serenity. When planning a bedroom, one has to keep in mind that it is everyone’s sleep sanctuary and needs to be really comfortable. Whether a pure cotton bed sheet or a plain satin bed sheet, you must choose it smartly and thoughtfully.

  1. Paint

Colours bring life to a room. Be that on your bed or on your walls they are meant to be super-creative and appealing to the eyes. A bold shade calls for a look that compliments the bold fashion choices of any room. When it comes to painting make sure you choose effectively. Not just your taste, but the colour of your bedroom must be decided depending on the size of the room. Larger rooms can be painted with darker colours but it is a big no in case of smaller bedrooms. Light colours are best for small sized rooms as it allows more light and air flow letting the room look bigger. If you are choosing light colours, be sure to put Cotton double bed sheets with brighter colours.

  1. Wall décor

The latest trend on the block is adding in décor that makes your room look chic. To start with this, you must note that the décor matches your walls and bed. As an example, it is better to avoid yellow wallpaper in a green ceiling room. What you need to do instead is think pastel shades and multicolour décor, so that your room can look classy and stylish.

  1. Books

Most people take books to be stuff for just the showcases. They do not really add much value to the room décor and instead take on the best of space. But what they do is they make your room look interesting and exciting. Boost your intellectual self by adding in some reading material.

  1. Curtains

Curtains are an important section of bedroom décor that we often tend to miss out. Car lights, street lights and even bright lights entering the room can be avoided if curtains are thoughtfully selected and pushed in the right way. Make sure you match the curtains with the bed sheet thoughtfully. For a wide range of bed sheets that match your curtains, go for satin silk bed sheets online in India.

  1. Plants

Any corner of the house can have a plant pot to make it look green and eco-friendly. Green plants refresh you and make your room look lively with a fresh smell. A tiny pot of plant must have adequate access to sunlight to help it nurture and grow. Else it may shell out and die. For rooms with inadequate sunlight, it is best if you buy fresh flowers and actually keep them in a pot half-filled with water. Better yet if just go for an artificial plant.

  1. The walls

Create a wall that displays all the pictures that you have put up for your family. Every picture will take up some space on the wall and remind you of your favourite moments whenever you come across them. Doesn’t it sound delighting to have your family geared up for a wonderful come-back or get together every time you look into the wall!

  1. The Beddings

Last but not the least it is best if you give your bedroom a refreshing change with a change in its bedding style. When nothing else works you can work out with new ideas for your beddings. Be lazy as much as you want and let a new bedcover or a bed sheet spread its charisma. You won’t believe at first that how this can instantaneously change and brighten up the entire scenario. To choose without hassles, opt for the patterns that are in, like king size Geometric bed sheets.

Not sure where you can find such bed sheets? Try the house of Minu bedsheets. You are surely in for the best surprise of your life. Don’t believe it? Try us! We are sure to delight you.


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