Right sleeping positions for all you sleepy heads

Right sleeping positions for all you sleepy heads

Back home tired and you directly jump into bed. The following morning you wake up with a neck sprain, fatigue, and muscle cramps. The morning shows the day and wrong sleeping position spoils it completely. Not just a bad day at your office, a wrong sleeping position can lead to various health issues. Did you know poor p.m posture could potentially cause fatigue, sleep apnoea, impaired circulation, headaches, tummy troubles, heartburn, and premature wrinkles? Whether you like to sleep on cotton double bed sheets or synthetic ones, incorrect posture can result in multiple physical and mental issues.
We have come up with some sleeping positions and arranged them in order of best to worst.

On your back:

You must be thinking, who can sleep straight like a dead body! This is not a popular position among the sleepy heads but by far is the healthiest option. Research shows that only 8% of people sleep on their back. This sleeping position allows your head, neck, and spine to rest in a neutral position. No extra pressure on those body parts ensures sound sleep and no waking up with a sprain. You can even ward off your acid reflux if you sleep, facing the ceiling. Make sure that you use the right mattress, and pillow that supports and elevates your head right. But be careful if you are prone to snoozing as this position causes your tongue to block the breathing tube.  If you prefer to sleep on plain satin bed sheets then sleeping on your back can control your body temperature and give you a good night, literally!

On your side:

Turn left; turn right – you go on changing sides while sleeping. Your partner is always irritated with this habit of yours. The poor soul! In this position, you keep your torso and legs relatively straight. This enables you to decrease acid reflux and the back and neck pain is also warded off from your elongated spine. The good news is, you are less likely to snore in this position. Just spread a clean cotton double bed sheet and lie on your side – you will the most fulfilling sleep and wake up fresh like never before.

The fetal position:

This is the best position for would-be-mothers, sleeping with a hunched torso, bent knees and lying by your left side. The loose fetal position helps the mommy-to-be with an improved blood circulation in the body and fetus. This position can also let your partner sleep peacefully as it resists you from snoring. If you have arthritis and joint pain then the tight fetal position can lead to bigger problems. In a situation like that, it is better to sleep in loose fetal position over a plain satin bed sheet as satin eases joint pains.

On your stomach:

You suddenly get up from sleep with a sudden jerk. If you are sleeping with your stomach hitting the bed then it is going to affect your heartbeat and pulse rate. While it is good for easing the snoring habit, sleeping on the stomach is practically bad for everything else. Sleeper of this type tends to put pressure on their muscles and joints, leading to numbness, aches, irritated nerves, and tingling. If you don’t get to sleep in any other position, then better to spread a pure cotton double bed sheet and sleep on your stomach with the face up and not face at one side.

Your tiring day, hectic schedule, and stress do not allow you to wait for the right sleeping position. But do you know that the scenario is actually the other way? Your wrong sleeping position is leading you to multiple mental and physical issues. The best way to avoid is to sleep in the right posture with correct mattress and beddings. Whether you prefer plain satin bed sheets or cotton ones, whether you snore or not, right position will make things much better. Above all, make sure you buy premium quality bed sheets from the house of MINU and see the magic the very next morning. Wish you good nights and better mornings – sleep well!



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