Super fun ways of making up your bed

Super fun ways of making up your bed

Bed happens to be the biggest accessory of any room. It makes or breaks the décor of any room and all the while makes it look either stunning or awful. While this bed is what delivers the most to us, it is also that piece of profanity which delivers us to our most personal and comfortable space. It makes the most of our day and night.

1. It all starts with the right kind of mattress

The bed frame and the headboard are all there. But what really supports you through the day is the right kind of mattress. You are bound to keep tossing and turning throughout the day, and get an aching spot. Hence, make sure your mattress is super comfortable.

2. Choosing the right kind of accessories

What makes your home -- home is the right kind of things that adorn your room. Be it a mattress topper, lamps, night-stands or similar stuff of the same kind. Similar attention must also be paid to bed sheets.

3. Color selection

The color of the surroundings make or break our mood. If you have the right kind of colors surrounding you, it is best to skip these gloomy colors and go for the brighter and more effective ones. The bedsheet is what plays in this case and makes the selection effective. Be it a satin bedsheet or a linen bedsheet, buying in the right colors will only take you ahead.

4. Loads of pillows

The more pillows you stuff on your bed, the better will it look on your portfolio. More pillows actually mean a better-looking room and a well-furnished taste for the home-maker. What more? They make your room look classy and chic.

5. Add in a touch of personalization

Decorate the ceiling with a set of neon-glow stickers. Or better yet, charge your room with a set of newly made speakers and let the audio flow in full. This will help you sort out any needs of creativity that you are up for.

6. Mix and Match

Patterns are the latest décor trend. These patterns are meant to brighten your room and make it look classy and acceptable. Deck up your room with monochromes and pastels to make way for a better and more exciting future. The pillow covers and bedsheet is where you play in this case.

7. Go all flowery

Why have room fresheners burden the room, when there are flowers to take you ahead? Flowers take you away from the mundane and make way for the beauty and freshness of the room. Flowers decorate and beautify your room while also making it naturally gorgeous and stunning.

8. Choose the right headboard

The right headboard is where the room décor meets the fusion with the bedsheet. The headboard is also where the décor of the bed happens. If a family is careful enough to choose it according to the style set of the room décor, they will surely surprise everyone with their beautiful decor.


Home is the best place to bond. This is where a family comes together and makes the most of their day. Minu Bedsheets is all set to make the most of your day with a range of unique and comfortable bedsheets. Try us for a renewed and unexplored experience! So, if you are looking to shop online, cotton double bedsheets and Egyptian cotton bedsheets are the things to look out for.

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