The dos & don’ts of making an interesting bed

The dos & don’ts of making an interesting bed

Our bed is our favourite place in the entire house yet we often neglect it. Making a bed is something that can change your way of sleeping, and the mood, of course for better. So, you might wonder that what the most exciting way to make a bed is! How many pillows do you think is appropriate to make up a proper bed? What is the right kind of bed? What pillows suit your bed the best? What bedsheet colour matches with my décor the best? What do you think makes way for the best bedroom?  Foremost thing to remember is that Cotton double bed sheets have a matte or semi-matter texture whereas plain satin bed sheets have glossy finish and gorgeous texture.

To answer all such questions, we bring this blog exclusively from the house of Minu bedsheets. Read on to know, what are the mistakes you are making and must be discreet while making a bed.

  1. You do not iron your sheets

Yes, ironing the sheets is as important as wearing ironed clothes to the office every day. A few fabrics need ironing as a must. Like pure cotton bed sheets as they get wrinkled and crushed easily. But that does not mean you can leave the rest off. You have to get the beds dressed up every day so that they look their best and are presentable almost always!

  1. You lay your sheet straight up

Yes, friends, that’s the latest décor trend on the valley. You just do not put your bed sheets straight up. Instead, you tilt it a bit to give it a horizontal look. With this, even your old bedsheets will flaunt a new look and give out a new vibe.

  1. You do not make hospital corners

Hospital corners are quite repulsive. This pattern will stay forever. So tuck your corners this special way and immediately notice the difference in the look of your bed. They are easy to make and allows your bed look polished, taut and elegant in just a minute.

  1. You skip making the bed every morning

Not only is this a bad Vaastu, but also makes your bed look messy, cluttered and ugly. Making the bed right in the morning keeps it devoid of any germs and stops any allergic reactions. These are the monsters that keep you awake all night. Thus, making bed immediately after you wake up can give a proper good night’s sleep.

  1. You do not wash your pillow covers

Washing pillow covers are as important as making the bed at the right time. Pillow covers are equally exposed to dust, dirt, and germs and can cause equal levels of irritation to any person. It is important to keep them clean and healthy, to avoid diseases like asthma, sneezing and bloodshot eyes in the morning. Any dust, dirt, and germ captured in these pillow covers can equally be damaging and be disrupting.

  1. You make your bed too tight

Last but not the least, your bed is meant to make you feel good and look fresh all day long. So, while making your bed make sure it is not too tight and it is comfortable enough to assure a sound sleep.

  1. You choose the wrong bed sheet

We often fail to understand that what would be the right bed sheet for your bed. Whether it is a single bed or a king size or a queen size bed, choosing the right bed sheet can entirely change the way your bed looks. If you have a bed almost as large as your room, then go for king size geometric bed sheets. It can make your bed look great and the room looks spacious.

 These were a few tips from the house of Minu for the time being. We will be back with some other exciting tips soon. Till then enjoy the beautiful and comfortable bedsheets from Minu. We hope your bed feels comfortable and looks beautiful with the amazing collection of Minu Bedsheets.


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