The No No’s of Washing Your Bed Sheets

The No No’s of Washing Your Bed Sheets

You might think that doing laundry is not a big deal and it does not involve your brain, however, the reality is different. Your all rounder detergent is not responsible for everything, instead, these mistakes might cost heavy on your wallet. Whether they are cotton double bed sheets or a plain satin bed sheets each needs separate care and washing techniques also differ. Let us have a look on those mistakes we often commit while washing –

  1. Washing and drying your Sheets with Towels:

It is commonly said that although you love your sheets and you love your towels too, they do not love each other. A lot of lint is produced from those heavy and thick towels. This lint will definitely adhere to your pure cotton bed sheets, especially when they will be placed in the dryer. Moreover, towels cause a lot of friction that will eventually reduce the life of your favourite bed sheet.

  1. Using Harsh Detergents:

Stop being harsh on your sheets! Rough wash and too much detergent can lead to disaster. Your sheet does not get as dirty as your trousers or towel, so, a little amount of detergent will serve the purpose. When you are using a gentle detergent, you are actually extending the life of your sheet.

  1. Do not leave Your Sheets in the Washer:

A bed sheet with wrinkles doesn’t look good. However, it is also not always possible to iron those double bed sheet combos. You can get rid of this by simply being more attentive towards your sheet. When you leave the bed sheet for prolonged period, the spin cycle sucks your favourite cotton bed sheet against the wall of your washing machine. You need to take out your sheet off your washer once done and just shake them once or twice before putting them into the dryer.

  1. Avoid high heat:

Most of the renowned bed sheet makers make their sheets oversized to avoid shrinking after one wash. However, many companies don’t think that way as it costs more. To avoid shrinking of your pure cotton bed sheets, avoid washing them in hot water and drying them under high heat. Try to use an optimum temperature – both for washing and drying.

  1. Overloading:

Never overload your washing machine as it needs some space to circulate the proper soaking and rinsing procedure. If you do not leave any room, it will definitely impede the washing procedure. If you are using a top loading washing machine, it is not a good idea to wrap the sheets around the centre agitator. Avoiding this can add some more days to the life span of your bed sheet. Moreover, it is suggested to spend on premium quality bed sheets rather than cheap ones. MINU has brought great quality bed sheets at great prices. Buy cotton double sheets and satin silk bed sheets online in India from a wide range of MINU bedsheets. Check it out and sleep peacefully.

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