Your Dream Catcher – How proper sleep lets you work better!

Your Dream Catcher – How proper sleep lets you work better!

You wake up tired, travel office half slept and spent the entire day yawning – I am sure this is not the way you can become your boss’s favourite. Today’s technology demands to be online almost 24*7. Having a good sleep is often termed a luxury in this case. But then again, with the changing sleep patterns and habits, it becomes important to have a proper sleep score. It is your path to success in achieving attention and awareness. Research has revealed that sleep is not only the paramount to our physical health, but also to our mental well-being.

  1. You are no more forgetful –Our bodies rest while we sleep. So, our brain takes this opportunity to slowly process our short-time memories to long-term ones. Processing the information stored away in the other part of the brain, it slowly makes way for long-term memory. This makes our short-term memory more vibrant and ready to grasp when called for. If you are experiencing lack of sleep, this entire process is disturbed and brings you absent-mindedness.


  1. You are a multitasking ninja – Multi-tasking on the phone while dealing with a client? Updating excel sheets can be rigorous and what if a client calls in right in that moment? For most jobholders today, this seems like a normal process. Multi-tasking is something we have to do almost on a daily basis. Our human brain is though not designed for multi-tasking. It will have a tendency to switch-off when multi-tasking if you do not get enough sleep.


  1. Your energy meter is always high –The human brain releases hormones regulating the food intake capacity in a body. When well-rested, these hormones will work in your favor and make you more energetic and always active. So, when you complete the minimum 7 hours sleep cycle, you can be assured that your brain will direct you to the right food intake necessary, so you eat better and you feel better the next day.


  1. You love your irritating co-worker – People sleeping for lesser hours, have a tendency to overreact negatively and emotionally to any situation. There are areas of our brain that are responsible for regulating anger and emotion need enough sleep to function well. Sleep deprivation can make you hostile, irritable and a bad co-worker around your workplace.


  1. You have excellent subjective skills – Loss of attention, vigilance and learning ability are some of the common symptoms in people who are deprived of proper sleep. The skills that enable us to remember learn and pay attention wane. The human part of the brain which processes errors and judgment depend on proper sleep to help it function well. Reduced efficiency and alertness are one of the major issues of sleep deficiency.

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